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Our Best
Exclusive Green Mountain Patented Design
Heavy Duty Work Gloves
Smooth interior;  won't blister.  Designed for maximum pliability, minimum break-in.
Medium Duty Work Gloves
Excellent choice for gardeners!  Goatskin leather, all nylon stitched.
All protectors standard with strap and buckle and 4" cuff, elastic shirring optional.  Also available with 5 - 9" (7-9" contour cuff optional) cuff bell cuff adaptable to all cuff styles.
Available in jersey knit cotton, fleeced washable cotton or part wool.
Lineman's Gloves
2" or 4" leather cuff, all nylon stitched, sewn inseam.
Special Purpose Gloves
Fingerless gloves and one finger mitten liner.