Washington Electric Co-op was using Kunz rubber glove protectors and were going through 4 to 5 pair of rubber glove protectors a year for each linemen.  

After switching over to Green Mountain protectors we have reduced our usage of protectors to one or two pair of each linemen per year.  Thank you Green Mountain Glove Company for saving us money."

- Scott Martino

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Green Mountain Glove Company in Randolph, Vermont is a family operated business that has been manufacturing the highest quality gloves for over 65 years for supply to linemen in the electric utility industry and other heavy industry.   Our customer list includes Vermont Electric Coop, Green Mountain Power and Central Vermont Public Service companies as well as utilities in many other states. 

"I saw a pair of your gloves at a friend's and was delighted since I have been unable to find good gloves for women at local stores". -Carolyn Koster We also manufacture driver's and gardener's gloves and specialize in women's sizes.

"I can't imagine how your gloves could be improved - there's not too many manufactured goods I could say that about.  They are so far superior to any other I have ever worn". -David Williams

Our workmanship ensures maximum comfort and durability for each glove, created with careful attention to detail from start to finish at our Randolph plant.
vermont makes it special logo - barn.jpg (15521 bytes) We are featured as an "Editor's Pick" in 1998 Yankee Magazine Travel Guide to New England" and a proud participant of the "Vermont Makes It Special" business association.
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Heidi A. Haupt, Customer Service Representative